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Why use Realonline for Real Estate?

Realonlibne Real Estate is a content management system developed in Australia specialising in high capacity (storage and network) situtations for Real Estate and content heavy sites.

EASY TO USE - RealOnline was created specifically to assist users to manage their own content, with a level of abstration between design and output to make the job easy.
ALWAYS EVOLVING - We are in a continuous mode of development and enhancement with RealOnline. From workflow improvements to new features, the system is always growing to accommodate changing client needs.
HOSTED AND MAINTAINED - RealOnline is a hosted CMS that is maintained for you. No more worrying about the latest server patches, upgrading software versions, security patches.

Why wouldn't you use RealOnline?

Real Estate Websites

Realonline Real Estate CMS has been developed by people who know the Real Estate  industry and its needs.

It is successfully used by hundreds of Australian Real Estate Businesses.

It ticks all the boxes...




Features at a Glance:

RealOnline CMS is made for content

Site Pages
Create unlimited child / parent pages allowing your site to grow as large / small as it needs to be. Website navigation is auto generated based on status selection of each page to remove unnecessary administration.

Articles / List Manager
Manage your own blog of dozens/hundreds of articles, or use with multiple categories to create news sites with 10,000's of articles. Integration with 3rd party comment and social sharing systems are a breeze and help with site interactions.

Contact Realtionship Manager CRM
Manage contacts with multiple forms of segmentation (contact definitions), create follow up reminders, set action plans, email one-to-one or in bulk using the newsletter system. Integrates fully with the Listing Manager.

Events System
For use with multiple date based events including static, and recurring event types. Easily add media (images / galleries / video / forms etc...) to ensure you engage your visitors.

Site Elements
Using the template engine that runs RealOnline you can also create custom elements (like server side includes) to reduce duplication of content, and make editing some aspects of site wide content a breeze.

Listing Manager real estate
The most advanced Real Estate CMS to promote your listings with ease on your website and over 50 portals in Australia and New Zealand. Integration with the CRM assists in automating many soft and hot marketing tasks.

Design options
Design output can be tailoured to your branding needs, and desired functionality.100% Responsive Design. Responsive design is a core requirement for most modern websites and is now given preference in Google ranking.  This form of front end development is a client choice, although there are some native options to assist.

The most popular responsive framework with fantastic documentation, and solution for all common requirements.  The latest version of Bootstrap is always available as core for your next project.  

RealOnline has native inclusions for Bootstrap and Foundation, but sometimes you just need to roll your own, or use an alternative (eg. Gumby).  The CMS can be streamlined down to any requirements. 

The most advanced responsive framework with all the tools and includes you could need for your next project.  RealOnline can support version 5 onwards natively. 



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