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value + reporting=results

We spend the time to get to know you and your business to find out where you are going and how we can plan for your business growth. We source economical but expert options and keep in touch to let you know how your ranking and statistics are standing.

We Respond to your Requirements

Mimbee Multimedia proposes to project manage the development of your website on the chosen system, using a modern template style based on “cascading style sheet” (CSS) technology and offer a CMS (Content Management System) system if required. We choose a professionally pre-designed template layout design in colours to create a look and feel that complements your business. The content is usually supplied electronically by you and is maintained and updated by us. We can train you to maintain your own content.

Mimbee Multimedia believes that your business image and web presence should reflect and communication of the aims and objectives of your business, We get to know you and your business and become part of your marketing team.

The look and feel within your website should be inviting, creative, innovative and appealing to your target market and have a design that reflects the professional quality and communication objectives of your business towards your target audience. We sit down with you and work out who you are wanting to attract and what you want them to do on your site.

Each site should have an objective - we help you sort out what is most important. We lead you through the stages of website development so that it is developed along with your business plan.

Take the Easy Steps

  • 1. Consider if you REALLY want to do this
  • 2. Complete the Website Worksheet/website-worksheet
  • 3. Consider a paid  2 -3 hour DISCOVER WORKSHOP to hone your goals.
  • 4. If it all looks like a good fit to both of us we will offer a 1 hour structured initial consultation. We will gather sufficient information to be able to offer you a solution and to advise on everything from your domain name, hosting package, web design, functionality and assist with coordinating your on and offline promotions.
  • 5. Accept our proposal, agree to our terms and payment plan and sign a contract.
  • 6. Gather your information - logo, images, brochures etc and the text for each page (writing content is extra).
  • 7. Agree to our prototype solution and design theme.
  • 8. Agree to the content placement
  • 9. Agree to the site functionality
  • 10 Agree that the site is ready to be launched.
  • 11. We provide Webmaster Managed hosting - it's a care plan to ensure that your site is secure and up to date.
  • 12 Promote. promote. promote.
  • 13.Stay in touch. Tell us what is working and what is not. We can make changes for you or assist you to update your own site.
  • 14. Expand as required.
  • 15. Sucess is hard work!

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